CrossPick Techniques

Cross Picking is a technique used in playing Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, and Bass instruments to execute fluid lines using alternate Up and Down Picking and sometimes playing 2 or more notes simultaneously.

Most Guitarists have learned to Cross Pick by gripping a Pick tightly between their Thumb and Index Finger with a very tight wrist.  This “Tight Grip and Tight Wrist” create a problem of tightening muscles in the hand, forearm and chest which can actually lead musicians to hold their breath while playing fast passages.

I created CrossPick Guitar Picks to provide a Fulcrum to allow you to hold the Pick much lighter and with less pressure so you can relax your muscles as you play.

I highly recommend Guitarists retrain themselves to CrossPick alternating from their Wrist and not play from their elbow.  This method takes about 3 weeks to retrain your muscles to relax and you’ll be amazed at how much faster and accurate your playing becomes.

Also, if you prefer to be a “Rythym Guitar Strummer” type guitarist, you might want to file off the Tip of the Pick with a fingernail file to allow your CrossPick to float over multiple strings with much less effort.

Flat Picks are History… CrossPicks are here!