About CrossPick

The idea of creating a Better Guitar Pick came to me after I got the opportunity to study with Jazz Guitar Virtuoso, Joe Pass.  When I was about 18 years young… Joe Pass was playing with Ella Fitzjerald and Count Basie at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos and he invited me to study with him before the concert.

That day, Joe taught me tirelessly for 8 hours.  We played Duets, Chord Solo’s, I asked him every question possible and he graciously shared his talent, experience and picking style with me.

What I learned was, Joe used a small broken pick that had a jagged edge that Grabbed his Thumb.   I went home and worked on creating a pick that would emulate the Grip that helped him play such long beautiful lines so effortlessly.  After many days and hours, I created the CrossPick Design.

CrossPick has a Horizontal Edge that acts like a Fulcrum you can put your finger under to stop the pick from slipping and flying out of your hand.

The Thumb Side of the Pick also has a Vertical Bar as well as a Horzontal Bar that is in the Shape of a Cross.  This Cross provides stability and stops the pick from slipping out of your hand in the middle of a hot lick.

I learned most players actually Grip the Old Fashion Flat Guitar Pick so tight so they won’t lose it that they stop breathing while playing fast passages.  The CrossPick Fulcrum and Cross Design allows the Guitarist to hold the pick much lighter and less tight and it frees the muscles in your forearm and actually allows you to breathe in the middle of a Hot Lick or Fast Long Executed Passage…

You can Relax and Trust in the Stability of the Cross.  Old Picks are passee… CrossPicks are Here!

CrossPick Guitar Pick Patent # 5,307,723