crosspickCrossPick is a New Guitar Pick!

CrossPicks Allows you to Play more Relaxed than Flat Picks.
 With CrossPick, you Think Differently, Play Smooth & Faster. Throw away the old flat guitar picks,
It’s Time to CrossPick!

Ask Yourself:
• Do You Play relaxed from your Wrist or with a STIFF ARM?
• Can You Forget the Pick and Play Relaxed from Your Heart?
• Is your Arm Stiff when you play?

Play Faster and Smoother and Relaxed with a CrossPick!

What makes CrossPick the No-Slip Speed Pick?
• You don’t have to use a tight grip!
• The Cross gives you a relaxed, but firm, no-slip thumbhold.
• You can Speed Pick without tightening your wrist and arm muscles.
• And you don’t have to play with the constant concern that the pick is going to slip away in the middle of a Hot Lick!